Important information for our suppliers

On this page, you will find information about what you as a supplier need to know when invoicing Tornstaden in order to have efficient handling of the invoice and thus also payment. We prefer that you primarily send invoices electronically (EDI invoice) and secondarily with a PDF invoice via email. Tornstaden group consists of many companies, so make sure you address correct legal entity and label the invoice with correct project number. If you lack any information, please ask your company contact.


Invoice via file

VAN operator: Crediflow

Format: Invoice or Peppol Billing 3

EDI-invoice address for relevant companies can be found in our list of companies. Please note that all invoices (except those relating to our real estate companies) must contain a project number entered in one of the reference fields. The system then performs a reference check, which means that the invoice will be stopped if a reference number is missing. Our project numbers consist of 4 or 5 digits.

When invoicing via the Svefaktura format, the project number must be entered in “RequisitionistDocumentReference” and in the Peppol format in “BuyerReference”. In financial systems, this usually corresponds to a field called “Your reference” or “Your electronic reference”, but this may vary depending on your system.

If you have problems sending EDI-invoices, you should contact the support for your financial system or your VAN operator.

PDF Invoice

Invoice via email

Email address for PDF invoice: tornstaden@pdf.attest.nu

If you are unable to deliver an EDI invoice, you can send your invoice via email in PDF format. Please, be aware that the email address can only be used to send invoices.

ATTENTION! Only one PDF file per invoice. This means that documents belonging to the invoice must be scanned together with the invoice.

Invoice recipient including ID code and project number must be included. The ID code is unique for each company and you can find them in the list of companies.


The company name

ID xxxxxxxxxxxx

Invoice correct company

You need to make sure you invoice correct company. Due to VAT and accounting rules, we cannot transfer invoices between companies if your invoice is addressed wrong. Therefore, an incorrectly addressed invoice will be returned. You will need to send a new invoice with correct information and a new due date.


All invoices must contain a reference number (except those relating to a real estate company). The reference should be a 4-5 digit project number. The project number must appear on the line “your reference” on the invoice. An invoice can only contain one project number. If you have not received a project number, please contact your company contact. If a reference is missing or if it is incorrectly specified, the invoice will be returned to you for completion.

Payment terms and complaints

Our payment terms are at least 30 days from the receipt of the invoice. Shipping, invoicing or similar fees are not accepted, nor are late payment interest and fees in connection with complained about or disputed invoices. Any payment reminders are sent to tornstaden@pdf.attest.nu

EDI invoice

EDI invoice also called E-invoice (electronic invoice) is an invoice that is sent entirely electronically. EDI is an abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange and means that the invoice is transferred to the recipient as structured information in an agreed format. EDI is not the same as a PDF invoice because a PDF invoice does not contain the same agreed structured information as an EDI invoice. The PDF invoice reads exactly as if it were a paper invoice. With EDI, the content of the invoice can be read without the risk of errors, and this results in a more efficient and secure invoice handling.

Do you have questions?

Contact the Finance Department via email info@tornstaden.se or telephone +46 31 350 15 00

Checklist for the content of the invoice

  • Invoice type – debit or credit invoice
  • Date of issue of the invoice
  • Payment terms (due date)
  • Invoice number (OCR number)
  • Supplier’s organization number
  • Customer’s VAT registration number – if the buyer is liable for tax for the purchase (so-called reverse tax liability)
  • Full name and address of the supplier
  • Customer company name
  • Quantity and nature of the goods or the scope and nature of the services
  • Date when goods were sold or services performed
  • Invoice total – gross and net
  • VAT amount and VAT rate as a percentage
  • Information on the invoice is covered by “reverse payment obligation” in the case of performed construction services
  • To ensure correct payment information, we prefer that our suppliers have bank giro
  • Statement of F tax
  • Contact details – name, telephone number and email address
  • Project number – Note that an invoice can only contain one project number
  • In the case of a credit invoice, the invoice number for the intended debit invoice must be specified
Arbetsledning Malmö


Reverse VAT on construction services

The invoice must be without VAT and the buyer’s, i.e. our company’s VAT registration number (VAT number) must be stated. On the invoice, you must also state the text “Reverse tax liability for construction services applies”.